Friday, July 30, 2010

2010 NBR Rich List

The 24th annual 2010 NBR Rich List (see full list at NBR - Requires Sub)was out this morning and revealed the usual bunch of multimillionaires with a few additions to last year and some notable omissions from the 2009 list.

Graham Hart topped the list with a $5 billion plus fortune and there was an inclusion for the first time by Rod Drury, CEO of Xero Ltd [XRO,NZ] and the exclusion of folk like Terry Seripisos and beleaguered businessman Allan Hubbard.

The usual entry of old money from the likes of the Myers, Todds, Fay, Richwhites and Spencers also continue to eek out places in the top ten.

The top 10:
1 Graeme Hart $5.5 billion
2 Todd Family $2.7 billion
3 Eamon Cleary $2 billion
4 Lynette Erceg $1.5 billion
5= Christopher Chandler $1.4 billion
5= Richard Chandler $1.4 billion
6 Goodman Family $850 million
7= Stephen Jennings $800 million
7= Sir Douglas Myers $800 million
8= Sir Michael Fay $750 million
8= David Richwhite $750 million
9= Michael Friedlander $700 million
9= Spencer family $700 million
10 Peter Cooper $650 million

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