Friday, January 16, 2009

Rod Oram: On the Prius to Obscurity

Let me just say that Rod Oram is probably a very nice guy if you get to know him on a personal basis. There my praise for him ends however.

Mr Oram has the distinction of being widely published, I do not. He is influential because of that, I am not.

His business columns
are syndicated by the left wing media and snapped up by an unsuspecting and intellectually lazy New Zealand public because the alternative means you have to have the ability to think and reason rather than soak up garbage like a wet liberal sponge.

Because of this and his views about so-called "global warming" he is also a very dangerous person, as are all advocates of GW in all their various political colours and stages of delusion.

The GW agenda is being pushed as a means of control, higher taxes and will be fatal for business and the global economy when emission trading schemes inevitably collapse in a heap of harmless (in terms of the gas not the fallout for the global economy) carbon dioxide.

Last week, evidence of fraud, lies and cover-ups from the GW pushers themselves - via leaked emails and better known as Climategate - was uncovered that should completely blow GW and its followers out of the water but Rod Oram chose to ignore this last Sunday when yet another diatribe from him about GW pushed the line that he keeps trying to sell his readers - that GW is the most important thing since that first atom exploded quite some time ago and you better be on board the GW Prius or by god you will not be the chosen one and you are gonna go straight to hell in your Range Rover Vogue.

In New Zealand NIWA has been fudging figures to suit their purposes and Mr Oram would be aware of this.

Why then does he continue to push this line?

Is he stupid? I don't think so.

Is he ignorant of the facts? Surely he cant be? He has Google on his computer and can read the scientific evidence against GW.

Does he have an agenda? Like most of us, yes he does, but his agenda is hidden under reams of Climate-babble.

But why?

Well, like most other proponents of GW there is a question of dirty filthy capitalistic profit ( Oh you are such a sarcastic bastard Darren! ) One can only imagine then that for Mr Oram it is also about money.

Al Gore, the number one peddler of the GW myth has become very rich from his connection to the GW religion and the conflicted business interests that he invests in.

We know Mr Oram offsets his "Carbon Footprint" by buying carbon credits when he jets off to the next GW conference in Brazil, London or Wairoa and we also know he pushes "Green Technology" and a fancy new way to run the global economy - see "Green Jobs" for an explanation - at every opportunity.

How much money does Mr Oram have invested in the "Green Economy", an "economy" that relies upon the GW machine to continue to function regardless of the fraud on which it is clearly based?

We don't know but I challenge Rod to come clean and let us know in one of his future columns on this topic just what financial interest he has in keeping the GW windmill spinning.

Until then anything he writes should be viewed with a least suspicion and at worst contempt.

I am convinced that contempt is the most appropriate adjective for him and he deserves the obscurity he so clearly craves as the thread continues to unwind on the emperors clothes.

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  1. Google 'why climate denialists are blind to facts and reason' and learn something about yourself.

    Gilbo, Auckland

  2. Gilbo, I dont need to Google anything at all. I can read and research for myself and have read both sides. The lies and invective coming from the likes of Rod and other climate zealots is for self preservation reasons and pure greed. It is all about money and how much can be scammed from the hard workers. Luckily the tide has turned and the majority of the world citizens can see this for what it is. A fraudulent grab for others money. You should be ashamed or yourself.


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