Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cancelling gab-fests sends a good message

The fuss made by Annette King today by trying to score meaningless political points over Tony Ryall for putting the kibosh on yet another expensive taxpayer funded talk fest, again shows why Annie and her free spending ilk lost the last election.

This is the second expensive meaningless talk fest to be stubbed out by National since November 2008.

Labour just don't get it.

We need to tighten our belts and every dollar counts, especially in these uncertain economic times.

The message that National are sending is that your hard earned money is important to us and we will not waste it on pointy headed useless bureaucrats.

These free spenders of taxpayer money from the Labour Party just don't care.

The money saved from cancelling just these two pointless talk fests-that rarely achieve anything except get clipboard toting bureaucrats drunk and randy on our money- would be enough to create the salaries for 6-7 well paid jobs.

Really Anette, isn't that what we really need right now.

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