Monday, January 14, 2008

A sensible approach to global market volatility

Sell, sell, sell!!

Global Indices

The NZSX 50 was down 48 points today and is at its

lowest point since November 2006. Other global indexes
have also been markedly negative since Jan 1.

New Zealand and global sharemarket investors seem to be telling their brokers right now.

Global indexes have suffered from a New Year hangover that has seen values drop by an average of around 5% since January 1.

For sure there are underlying issues surrounding sub prime loans affecting credit flow and therefore investment, high inflation and oil prices but hang on a second, is that the end of the world?

Investors have to ask themselves why they bought their stocks in the first place and if the only criteria that has changed are the current macro conditions that currently exist and they will have no direct, disastrous affect on the fortunes of the company you have plunked money into, then following the sheep to your broker's door is only going to make him richer in the long run.

Why don't you follow your own research and perhaps stock up on companies that you already have shareholdings in?

Most serious wealth is created for investors when they buy assets during down periods such as the present one.

The worlds most successful investor, Warren Buffett, uses this very approach to add to his ever increasing large holdings and enter new businesses and it is one backbone to his investing style that has done him well.

The tricky part is of course choosing the right time to buy in a declining market and that is probably the hardest part of "picking a bargain", because the share price could be even cheaper next week, month or even year but if you can get shares in a good company that you already own cheaper than your initial purchase then you are doing well.

If you are feeling nervous at all about current market volatility on the downside and you are so worried that you cant sleep because your portfolio is losing value, then you should either stop checking stock prices every minute or simply get out of the stockmarket, because it isn't for you.

The market is risky and continued stock price increases are not going to be the status quo and if you have a short term view of investing then you are going to be continually disappointed and worried!

I think global markets are set for continued negativity for 2008 and a slow recovery in 2009, until we see the full exposure of the sub prime fallout mid year.

Until then just hang on and maybe even get the checkbook out little bears.

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