Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sky City Entertainment share price drop

The share price of Sky City Entertainment has had its own run of bad luck over the last few days.

While the NZX as a whole has been very weak on low holiday volume today, the SKC share price was down 9c to finish on its days low of NZ$ 4.33 on 3 million plus shares, excellent turnover for this stock on any day.

Sky City Entertainment Group Li (SKC.NZ)

This 5 day chart from Yahoo tells the grim story and is clearly an indicator of something material at play.

The clear winner is that nobody is going to buy the casino company. The market knows that the prospect of this has been tenuous at best anyway, however insiders might know this as a certainty and are dumping holdings.

The other possibility is that a sale has been made of their cinema division and the price is low or bids are low, or management haven't found a buyer and are left with a small white elephant.

Another dreary thought is that half year profit, to be announced around the 20th of February 2008, is going to be lower than forecast, first half 2008 ended 31 December 2007. The market would have to know if profit is going to be materially lower though.

Either way insiders are selling down and bad news looks to be on the cards.

Blackjack anyone?

Disclosure: I own SKC shares

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