Monday, January 28, 2008

Sign the anti smacking petition

The "anti smacking bill", or repeal of section 59 last year has lead to a petition for a referendum.
The referendum has 280,000 signatures and needs 20000 more for a referendum to be held at this years election at the end of 2008.

Give Sue Bradford, Helen Clark and her mates a slap in the face!!

Download and sign the petition here

C Political Animal 2008


  1. i just saw on the news both sue bradford + helen clark say that the lsat 20,000 will be nigh on impossible to get, as most of the signatures were gotten before the bill was passed, obviously they don't realise that well over 100,000 have signed since the bill was signed ...
    they're both just a little silly.
    and obviously don't want to listen to 280,000 new zealanders!!!

  2. Helen doesn't know that actually 30000 signatures have been collected in January alone.

  3. It would be a shame not to get to the 300,000 but I'm sure it will.

    Political Animal will do its small part.


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