Monday, July 30, 2007

Panic! Wot me?

There has been a bit of a drop in world markets over the last few days, you might have noticed financial news creeping into the main news headlines again and journos urging investors to unlock office windows.

Of course we have seen this all before, headless chickens running for the hills, as their pockets spill over with moola, not as much as they could have had if they had kept their shares and sold them in a rising market but happy in the fact that they wont lose anymore capital. Clearly these individuals shouldnt have invested in the stock market if they pull out at the slightest fall in share prices.

The New Zealand Market was the first to open on Monday the 30 July after a weekend of thought by some investors over the world markets dropping last week.

It is likely that the US market will be volatile on Monday's Wall Street opening and the cycle will begin again here in NZ Tuesday. Similarly volatile global markets will probably be the order of the day for a time.

There is a silver lining though folks!!

If you are a long-term investor, like me, then you may want to do the opposite to all the chicken littles out there and buy instead of sell.

That stock that you have had your eyes on maybe alot cheaper now and aint it better to get a good deal in a sale rather than pay more as stock prices go up?

c Share Investor 2007