Sunday, July 1, 2007

Official Response from Burger Fuel

There has been a response to more information asked from the Burger Fuel Employee and BF itself has responded:

Share Investor:

Can you enlighten us further?

The reply was:


Ok, first things first. This is an ‘Official’ BurgerFuel response. But don’t worry this isn’t a generic response as we’re taking on board what people are saying about our IPO. Neither are we responding to take pot shots at you, we are fully aware that this investment is not for everyone and that all are entitled to their opinion on the BurgerFuel IPO.

Now, down to the numbers (which is what I’m sure you’re most interested in). The press release has some but not all the info contained in the prospectus (which we suggest anyone interested in the BurgerFuel IPO or expanding their portfolio in general should read – hard copies available in-store).

There are a few figures in your post which need to be corrected first to make sure we are all working off the same figures. Our Total System Sales (that is, the total sales of all the BurgerFuel stores) last financial year was $16.4M (plus GST). At the end of 31 March 2007 we had 19 stores. We can’t just divide $16.4M (plus GST) by 19 to get an average as stores open up at different times during the year. Our average sales (not including any stores not open for more than 6 mths in the year) were $20,727 per week (plus GST). So we are way above the $150k a unit turnover (closer to $1M-$1.1M per year as an average). You can see pg 53 of the Prospectus for more info on our averages and sales totals.
The $3.1M you refer to is the revenue coming into Burger Fuel Ltd (for the 9 mth period to 31 Dec 2006), it is not the sales figure for all our stores. BurgerFuel Ltd had an operating surplus. You may argue that the surplus is not a large one, but as we’ve outlined in the prospectus, significant investments have been made into marketing our brand, securing intellectual property, developing our systems and preparing the company to go global. The $250k loss relates to Burger Fuel International Ltd which carries a head office and satellite kitchen infrastructure for our one Aust. store. Essentially, we have already geared Aust. operations so that they are ready for us to start expanding as soon as we’ve raised funds. The site plans for our 2nd Aust. store in King’s Cross have already been submitted to council.

We’re certainly not trying to hide anything from the public, there is a lot of info in the prospectus (including the above figures) clearly set out. Again, we suggest that anyone looking at the BF IPO should get a prospectus and read it – hard copies are now available in-store.

Potential investors should look at the fact that the decision to list has been made in conjunction with Grant Samuel who have modeled the company and its prospects. Potential investors should also look at the Board of Directors (pg 45-46 of the prospectus)– these are not the kind of people that would get involved with a company without a thorough analysis of its potential.

Lastly, we know that the BF IPO is not for everyone. We want people who believe in the brand (and there are a lot out there) to invest if they think we’ve got what it takes to go global.

If you’d like any more info please read the prospectus or, if you’d like, we’d be happy to answer any other questions (within reason) or organise a phone interview for you.

For the many that view this blog, here is some press that will hopefully balance your opinions on things.

TVONE - Brian Gaynor on ASB Business (comments on BF IPO around the 2:20 mark):

In the end, however, just remember that the NZAX is “specifically designed for fast-growing, developing companies” and that’s what BurgerFuel is.

Either way, thanks for talking about us, we appreciate your opinion.
The team at BurgerFuel

PS: Regarding the ‘Fuel Employee’, we’re not sure that it was one of ours. However, all our employees are extremely passionate about the brand and the company so we know that many of them would want to make sure that key facts were correctly represented.

Should I make a call and let you know more or has the Burger Fuel Correspondant given you enough info?

Any questions you would like to pose should I make a call?