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Burger Fuel Listing 27th July 2007 (NZ time)

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The story below from the NBR confirms that Burger Fuel is listing on Friday July 27.

After the big top up from its present owners and founders one can only guess that its appearance on the NZX today is going to be somewhat of an anti-climax.

It is a great little company but has been repeated often by myself and others, it overvalues itself and this overvaluing has led to the low interest in the IPO.

Had it been a lower valuation the market could have taken this IPO seriously and backed it fully.

As it is BFW is going to struggle today SP wise and will continue to struggle in the weeks and months to come.

Management have overestimated their abilities in a financial sense when it comes to the IPO, lets hope they havent done the same when it comes to future financial management projections.

Readers will have to ask themselves if founders have only managed to raise at best $5m NZ dollars of a sought after 15m, then the original plan is going to be somewhat constrained.

The reported $1.5m cost of the IPO is a laugh and there is no report yet as to whether that cost comes off the $5m raised. In the absence of further info we will be generous here and give them the benefit of the doubt until told otherwise.

With such a shakey start to its public life, Burger Fuel is going to struggle right from the get go. Not a good omen for its future.

The NBR Story

BurgerFuel to list after $2.7m top-up
NBR Staff

BurgerFuel will list on the NZAX on 27 July following a $2.75 million top-up from founders Chris Mason and Josef Roberts.

$5.25 million was raised from 2380 shareholders - although that also included shares bought by the founders from the public pool - making up the minimum $8 million equity sought.

The company originally hoped to raise $15 million for 26.7 percent of the company but the response to its "would you like shares with that?" campaign was unenthusiastic and the offer had to be extended.

The capital will be used to pay the upfront costs of more stores before these were on-sold to franchisees.

In Australia, BurgerFuel has one franchised store and hopes to franchise more as well as operating its own store due for construction soon in Sydney's Kings Cross.

Chairman Peter Brook said the company would look to roll out stores in other countries with local partners to reduce capital investment costs.

BurgerFuel is due to open in Tauranga and Napier soon to take the total store numbers to 24.

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