Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hallenstein Glasson: Buy

Well I've come from my holidays with an overwhelming sense of wanting to spend some money on something.

Primarily because its been a rather good Christmas and things are looking up for the New Year.

What am I looking at?  

Hallenstein Glasson.

Its currently trading at $4.20c but was trading at $6.30c in Sept of last year.

Currently its is trading on a healthy 10% + yield and is currently got a P.E. Ratio of 9.15%.

The company also has no debt and millions in the bank.

As far as the market is concerned nothing has changed... the market thinks it has changed though.

What has changed? 

Well the market has gotten nervous over Trump.

Nothing to see here.

The US/NZ $ has changed? 

Not really, they have fixed their currencies for some time. That will probably happen towards the end of the year.

The only change have been indications that sales could be down.

Nothing from the heads of Hallenstein Glasson until latter on this month or next (nobody knows).

So if you've got a spare few shekels left after Christmas you could be in for a bright spot latter on this month or next if you plunk them down now.

You could get this one for under 4 bucks.


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