Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Westpac: I'm Thinking of Returning

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Rocked up to the local Westpac at Albany Mall today after clicking on the make your credit balance $2500 more - that was OK.

In the meantime saw Wilson at the bank & found out I have an interest free period left on my Visa till July next year.

When I had issues with the card in July I contacted the bank and they sorted out the problem and it seems they started the 12 months again from July. So I don't have to pay anything off (except the minimum balance.)

So at the same time I told Wilson about this I decided to open a bank account. This was the first time I have had an acc with Westpac in 30 years (apart from my Credit Card).

I want to see how they go and if they are good (I'm unhappy with ASB who I been with for more than 20 years) Im going to change some or all of my banking.

How do you folks out there deal with this "problem"?

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