Monday, September 11, 2017

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd: Where's it Been Over the Last Month & Why

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd [FPH.NZX] is taking a trajectory that is firmly north over the last week or two.

This is based on off shore buying - I only found this out on Fri 8th - this is because of significant buying based on this investor briefing.

Apparently this is solely responsible for the uplift. There is not a lot on offer, so up she goes. 

Have a look below on briefing from Yahoo daily share-trading.

The rise is actually based on increased trading, $100 plus million over the last week and counting.

So when I surmised a few posts back that it was institutional trading I was only partly right.

Because what you see is a rise in share price down to one thing.

Its US mums and dads buying the shares based on what their brokers are hearing at the investor briefings.

A knucklehead thing for investors to do but they are buying FPH shares nonetheless.

Question is when will the yanks be finished?

DateOpenHighLowClose*Adj. close**Volume
08 Sep 201712.4512.6212.4512.6112.611,739,308
07 Sep 201712.2012.5112.2012.4812.482,270,372
06 Sep 201712.0712.2412.0512.2412.241,167,208
05 Sep 201712.0812.1712.0012.1312.13778,908
04 Sep 201711.9912.0911.9512.0812.08590,056
01 Sep 201711.8012.1311.8011.9511.951,695,701
31 Aug 201711.6311.7711.5311.7711.77837,466
30 Aug 201711.4311.6511.4211.5911.59374,554
29 Aug 201711.4011.5011.3511.4611.46545,875
28 Aug 201711.5111.5111.4311.4811.48364,719
25 Aug 201711.6611.6611.5011.5511.55526,038
24 Aug 201711.6411.6911.4711.6811.68303,532
23 Aug 201711.5911.6511.5011.6511.65326,565
22 Aug 201711.5011.6311.4711.6111.61464,467
21 Aug 201711.4011.5911.4011.5811.58302,922
18 Aug 201711.4311.5011.3811.4511.45427,367
17 Aug 201711.2811.5211.2411.4711.47532,512
16 Aug 201711.2511.3611.2111.3211.32415,715
15 Aug 201711.2011.3511.2011.2811.28376,741
14 Aug 201711.0911.2311.0611.2011.20436,247
11 Aug 201711.2511.2511.1011.1011.10784,237
10 Aug 201711.3811.5511.3811.4411.44779,264
09 Aug 201711.3911.4411.3611.3911.391,016,623

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