Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hallensteins Glasson: Sold By Days End?

The time of the profit release has been delayed about 6 hours till the end of the trading day.

What does the timing of today's release mean for you and me investor?

It could be a number of things.

I can only go into two here.

It could be that the accountants have not got their shite together and havent crossed their I's and dotted their t's.


That hasn't happened in the 12 years I have been a shareholder and it not likely to happen now.

That the major shareholders the descendants of the Hallenstein family and Tim Glasson and et al have been offered a shite-load of money for their holdings and they haven't worked out the finalities of it yet is more likely to be the case?

Tim Glasson is a old coot with 20% shareholding in Hallensteins Glasson and like all old coots i'm sure he'd like to take some money off the table if he was offered enough and do something else with it.

What has Hallensteins Glasson's got going for it?

No debt and cash on the books and a very low share price.

Couple that with overseas companies looking for higher yields in a lower risk market.

I cant think of anything else, can you?

Except you have to buy this stock.

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