Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National's Welfare "Reform" : Is that it?

The much talked about "welfare reform" from the National Party has turned into a bit of an underwhelming damp squib for me:

"All of those currently on the unemployment and sickness benefits will be put on a new 'Jobseeker Support Benefit,' and required to look for full time work. Single parents with children aged over 14 would go on the same benefit.

Parents on the domestic purposes benefit would instead get 'Sole Parent Support' until their youngest turned 14.

Solo parents would be required to undergo work testing when their child turned one and would be expected to work at least part time when their youngest was five.

The term 'invalids benefit' would also be scrapped and those with permanent, severe disabilities and terminal illnesses would instead receive a "supported living payment."

They would not face work obligations". NZ Herald

Why wouldn't you make solo parents look for work after 12 weeks? People with jobs regularly go back to work to provide for the family and it seems a tad bizarre that solo parents would have the luxury of 5 years looking after little Johnny or Susie at home while the rest of us wage slaves only see our kids in the morning and evenings.

It seems like a good start but incentives really need to be focused on making it harder for Mums to pop out kids on the DPB and easier if one chooses to be honest with others and themselves and work for a living to support themselves and their family.

I wait in hope.

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  1. Their are not enough jobs, Get national to create these then make comment. of the jobs there are you need to go to polytech or university to unskill. Paula benefih has removed the tia for solo mothers going to university to better their lot. Less red neck comment and more positives ways to get people would be a good start.

  2. Political parties do not create jobs, the private sector does in spite of govt and what it does. There is plenty of work out there if you want to get off your bum and look for it and want to work. Too many excuses for laziness.


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