Thursday, November 10, 2011

Labour Limbos to a new low

Supposedly this election for Labour was going to be about policy but so far it has just been a constant stream of personal attacks - doesn't work hard enough, is a liar, doesn't care about kids, yadda, yadda, yadda - on John Key with this one today as reported in

"People at the top have got a lot of money and they take their holidays in Hawaii," Goff said.

"People at the bottom can't even afford to put good food on the table for their kids."

Key, a multi-millionaire, regularly holidays with his family at a home he owns in Hawaii.

Who the fuck cares, the public are sick of lets kick the rich guy because he has done well and most of us admire him for his hard work and success.

If Labour should have learned anything from the 2008 election then it would be that personal attacks on Johnny didn't work for them, in fact they backfired because the public really doesn't like the politics of envy

It has Trevor Mallard DNA all over it and mirrors the Labour Party attack on the middle income earner who they are going to tax more for "earning too much" to give to those either too lazy or those that cant legitimately work.

It is kinda nice watching the self-destruction of the left into a pool of their own hatred and jealously.

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