Monday, October 11, 2010

Beginning of the end for TVNZ Breakfast Show

Pippa Wetzell is a nice person, so am I, but Pippa really doesn't have the personality to carry the TVNZ Breakfast show.

Paul Henry did.

Of course he quit yesterday after his TVNZ bosses failed to back their employee over a barrage of nonsense from the sniveling wet, left wing media who were after Henry's head on a plate, after harmless comments made by the media star on air last week. The Herald and others in the mainstream media also went after Paul's elderly mother.

He even gave a full apology to placate the snivelers.

Paul had no choice but quit. He would have been censored by TVNZ if he returned and clearly he did the principled thing by walking. This way his personality is left intact and he will be able to move onto something else in the media if he choses to and if anyone else is brave and bright enough to hire him.

Henry gave the Breakfast show viewers, Pippa Wetzell will not.

He had a strong personality and was loved by most, even managing to put the nail in the coffin of its TV3 competitor Sunrise because they couldn't compete with a similarly bland offering.

The TVNZ show is going to plummet in viewership and surely cant survive now without massive input from taxpayer dollars.

The Henry saga really is a sad state of our way of life today. It is wider than just some guy on the box. It shows that the vocal, rabid left minority can get a taxpayer funded broadcaster to censor that broadcaster so that the content becomes "acceptable" to those with hypersensitivities and by those easily offended.

But do we really want our media to say what is just acceptable to a mad minority of our population?

What gives you the right to tell others what I should say or watch, or hear someone else say or watch.

We have fought wars in the past to stop this kind of fascist bullshit.

Fuck off back to Stalinist Soviet Union or book burning in Germany if you want to stop others from expressing their opinions.

Of course we could easily get around this whole problem if TVNZ was sold off to private enterprise but that aint going to happen any time soon.

I want my entertainment the way I want it, in 2010 with personality, harmless fun (boy are we missing that a little bit each day thanks to things like this) and the ability to speak and think freely without the heavy yolk of socialism (for that is what this is) weighing us down.

With that in mind lets bow out with a classic clip from Paul:

Paul Henry @ Political Animal

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