Thursday, October 7, 2010

Michael Hill International: Is Kim Kardashian the right fit?

Kim Kardashian to Guest Star on 2 Broke Girls

Kim Kardashian

At first glance the choice of Kim Kardashian, reality queen and porn star, might look a good person to get publicity for a contest to find "the world's best couple" and further your brand in the United States and if you are Michael Hill from Michael Hill International Ltd [MHI.NZX] you would do just about anything to make your business there prosper but is Kardashian really the right fit for a business that sees itself as an upmarket jewelery brand?

Kardashian & Hill pair are teaming up to find the world's best couple. Dating, engaged or married couples can all be in to win a 22 carat diamond ring valued at more than $250,000 and the resultant publicity will get millions of dollars of free advertising for the jewelry chain, that is currently struggling in the Chicago area that it has operated in since late 2008.

Hill had many gimmicks that got himself and his company noticed in Australasia in the 1980s - 1990s and that subsequently led to a good long-term business but have things changed so much in 20 years that now somebody famous for ***king in front of millions is going to do the business for you?

I think it is a mistake but I could be wrong, I am only a small shareholder in MHI and not the man himself, so what do I know.

I think it is short term publicity that could backfire.

Nevertheless you can follow the madness at the official competition site or Facebook page.

* Kim Kardashian Photo supplied for research purposes and google rankings.

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  1. * Michael Hill & Kim Kardashian Search for the World's Best Couple *
    Vote for Danny and Mary to win!
    3 Challenges each need a vote, help them move up in the competition!
    <3 Mary & Danny <3

  2. Nice placement anon, usually I would remove spam like this but since it is related to this post I will leave it.

    How do you vote AND how do you get to be a couple voted on?


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