Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Trevor Mallard: We just want him to go

Trevor Mallard: False rape accuser
Trevor Mallard: False rape accuser and bum. 


It would be cruel to call Trevor Mallard a bum. 

He has never interested me at all, except his rudeness, lack of tact, hitting politicians and others and just general lack of self awareness has me drawn to him.

This time he has gotten away with something he did last year. He accused someone of rape who worked for parliament, got them sacked and publicly drawn through the mud.

Turns out this man didn't do it. 

When this man - quite rightly - got a payout, Trevor Mallard was conciliatory.

BUT what happed was that Trevor got his bills paid by you and me - including the payout which is censored to the public.

Furthermore he goes unrecognized as the person he is - he's a narcissist - in the eyes of the law. A person who tells the public's at large that "this man is a rapist". Hardly something that yours truly would be proud of.

Instead of facing a courtroom for the deep deep deep lies and untruths he spoke he is well and truly on the road to something else in the future.

On second thoughts he is a bum AND that's putting it mildly.

c Darren Rickard 2020

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