Friday, December 11, 2020

Pacific Edge Ltd: Put that six shooter away

Pacific Edge Ltd (PEB) is a doozy.

It has recently moved into the black for me over the last few weeks just based on a single valuation that has become aware to the market - Jarden. 

It made the stock move to 98c on higher VOL.

But I suspect that along with the fact that the product, CX Bladder, is starting to gain some traction in the US, that a lot of this recent trading is of the sharesies the robinhood generation who have come to expect short term gains without really studying something.

This is not the place for that discussion.

So why is PEB a doozy?

I bought into the company because i see a potential winner here - way above Jarden's $1.40 per share.

I have looked at it for about 3 years and only just purchased it about 3 months ago.

Its a doozy because in amongst this you've got all these young folk who are just bidding up the price this week for no good reason other than Jarden put a figure on it. 

Its not going to made a profit for another 3 years, from the company itself!!

So corral your horses and put your six shooter away.

Your in for, a relatively (not for me) long wait of 3 years.

Just be patient.

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