Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Xero: To those I haven't warned before

If you've been watching watching Xero Ltd [XRO.NZX] over the last few months you will see this little bestie rising like a phoenix out of the shitpile, still.

It is clear that there are two different things at play here.

One the successes of the company and its growth - which appears to be growing fast - are the price and fluctuation of shares. In this case fluctuating north.

One way or the other you are going to have some burnt fingers, when the truth comes out about how profitable they are going to be - all the knowing stares and nods to brokers will be long gone.

Watch for the share price take a slow trip the other way when this happens, and believe me it will .

This is a slow burner due for some correction soon.

Best to fly now and catch another.

Share Investor 2012


  1. Hi Darren was reading your blog today on XRO, as always, an interesting article from you!

    I agree with you - Xero buble could pop, however another similar stock DIL with high P/E ratios, a premium share price for high growth prospects, however profitable and leading its field (unlike xero which has huge direct head on competition, and unprofitable at this stage). Would be very interested if you have similar thoughts on DIL reagarding your XRO post, cheers.

    It seems there is alot of hype around these stocks - and as someone said to me the other day "you always know this when even the local taxi driver starts talking about the stock"

    I tried posting a comment on your Blog but this stone age computer seems to not let me, hence the post I put (D Rickard)here.

  2. Dil VS XRO: Dil wins hands down. They are making money from the get go. I always take that over growth at any cost - in xeros case you cause you are the owner.


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