Wednesday, January 23, 2013

453 Points !

453 points. 453 away from history, 453 points away from being on top, 453 is the number that stands between you and life on the street.

I've done allot of things but working 1 day a week then 3 days the following week isn't one of them, until now, there just isn't any work.

I don't get the dole or any other type of state regulated scheme so its just me here on my own-some giving hell (what there is left) to the guys fixing up our place for sale.

You will do doubt be reading this wondering about what I think about the current comings and goings on Wall Street , whats happening here and what is going on in main-street here.

Well I do not know, gone is the hope that I had that we would be facing the gauntlet right now and paying off our loans and personal and public debt and that there would be public hints that this may have happened - ie the stock market at lows - that's lows - and all parts of the economy working their way out of their respective holes.

Instead it seems buttered up for more of the same.

Interest rates at an all-time low, but banks making more due to the fact that some of the money they have borrowed is at 2% or less, and people willing to to borrow more at relaxed rates means we are seeing another boom starting.

Little of that money is finding its way back to the productive sector.

Did we learn anything from the last nearly 6 years?

It appears that in the face of cheap money the answer is no. What happens when that money becomes dearer ?

453 points, not much in it huh.

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