Sunday, March 27, 2011

Darren Hughes Saga: A Question of Leadership

The issue over Darren Hughes and his sexual dalliances with young boys is more of a side issue if you can get over the image of a distressed, naked teenager running down the road away from Mr Hughes abode a few weeks ago.

What is at issue here as far as politics goes is Leadership and the failure of Phil Goff to be open and honest with first his own voters and then the New Zealand public at large.

Did he really think he could keep this quiet?

On that issue alone one would have to question his decision making on.

When you drill down further though there are also moral and honesty issues involved here.

What kind of leader tries to hide a sexual offense of a subordinate and then tries to deflect appropriate criticism brought on him by blaming the Government for "leaking the information to the media"?

Darren Hughes is also the chief whip of the Labour party, responsible for keeping Labour colleagues in line, how is he supposed to be the arbiter of good judgement if his leader allows him to trip the light fantastic all over the country with every teenage boy that takes his fancy?

Mr Goff has been aware of Darren's track record for hitting on teen boys as least as far back as Christmas 2009, where he hit on another boy at a Labour Party shindig so what on earth was Goff doing allowing Darren Hughes to continue in his role when there was so much evidence that Hughes was not fit for the job?

The answers he has given to defend his series of bad decisions just doesn't satisfy the public at large let alone Labour supporters.

Under pressure he has looked ineffectual, evasive, very uncomfortable and dishonest.

You have to ask yourself, is this a man you want leading your country post November 26?

Anyone for Gingernuts and a cup of tea?

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  1. "Young boys"? Would you describe an 18-year old male who committed a crime as a 'young boy'? An 18-year old male is an 18-year old male not a boy.

    In the alleged incident in 2009 the alleged recipient of Hughe's advances describes the incident as a 'a misguided "pass".' (Herald) What is the 'allegation'? That Hughes has a terrible gaydar?

    Compare this to a male/female pass. If a man made a misguided pass at a woman and was rebuffed, then three years later was accused of sexual assault is it fair to look at the earlier failed 'pass' and cry 'another allegation'!

    I have no vested interest in the Hughes affair. If he's assaulted someone he should be punished. But the gutter journalism surrounding this is disgusting. You state its a side interest but repeat the salaciousness of the Herald & Dom Post, making it difficult to take the rest of your argument seriously.

  2. Hi Tina,I am a 45 year old man. Any male is is 18 is a young boy to me. No salaciousness intended there.

    I think the allegation is that Darren has a fascination with young boys and as a man in his 30s who isn't exactly a looker (then again who is)what 18 year old, gay or straight would be interested in someone twice their age.

    This is not the kind of individual who is fit for the position he was/is currently. A position that requires good judgment, sound morals and honesty. Things that Hughes lacks.

    Goff's compounds all this mess by behaving in a similar fashion by keeping this secret and blaming others for the position Hughes, his party and himself are now in.

    I think this would be more serious if he did the same thing to a 18 year old girl by the way.


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