Friday, April 23, 2010

Long Term View: Pumpkin Patch Ltd

In this series of posts I am going to be looking at stocks listed on the NZX in relation to their returns to shareholders over the life of their listing -what shareholders would now see in their back pockets if they had invested in the company IPO.

The calculation of returns includes dividends and tax credits.

Pumpkin Patch Ltd [PPL.NZ] has been good to its shareholders in terms of returns since its IPO in 2004 (see 2004 IPO prospectus) at $1.25 and its subsequent listing in June of that year and even better for its owners when founded in 1990. 47c in net dividends (see chart above) paid and tax credits at an average of 30% , gives PPL a slightly more than 125% return (see chart below for the share price percentage gain against the average of all NZX indexes) over the 6 year listing, an approximate annual net return just over 20%.

This is approximately a 600% better return when compared to the average of all NZX indexes.

Disc I own PPL shares in the Share Investor Portfolio.

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