Monday, April 19, 2010

Jane Diplock Q & A Interview

Further to a story I posted last week about the Securities Commission and the board's conflicts of interest and general all round ineffectiveness we had the head of the SEC Jane Diplock, being interviewed by Paul Holmes on Q & A last Sunday.

There were crocodile tears and sympathy from Jane for those that got ripped off by Finance Companies/fund managers/investment advisers, like Lombard, Hanover, Blue Chip, Five Star, ANZ, Money Managers, Glegg & Co, Capital & Merchant Finance, Strategic Finance, Nathans Finance and all the individual dogs associated with these companies and more.

But enough of the hand wringing. Those people want justice and that is what the SEC is there for. All we got was this wet dream:

"Paul, I think if you asked me what keeps me awake at night, it is precisely that people have lost this money, and that people's hopes and dreams have been destroyed and the fact that they've lost the capacity; very, very intelligent people who'd saved for their retirement are facing enormous challenges as a result of this disaster. And frankly that's the thing that motivates me and worries me more than anything, and that's why we need to take action to bring the people to book who actually cause these collapses. " Jane Diplock, Q & A April 18, 2010

Enough of the sympathy Jane, we actually want you to do something but instead you spend most of your time overseas when you should be here managing this mess in a more effective and timely manner.

Your public utterances are meaningless unless you back them up with evidence leading to prison sentences and reparations and so far you have failed on both counts.


Transcript of Interview
Securities Commission
Q & A
Full list of finance failures

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  1. The New Zealand Herald had an interesting Article on Ms Diplock. also ran a link to the story.

  2. What is your opinion on how Ms Diplock is performing RamJett?

  3. Regarding MS Diplock and the whole SEC set up the word that comes to mind is "Quango" but then what do I know?
    I am sure she is doing really important work and if anybody knows exactly what that is then I would love to be enlightened.


  4. Here you go Darren,

    This is what people at the U.S. SEC get up to. Obviously very busy and working hard with lots to do..

  5. RJ, to have a sense of humour in cases such as these seems essential if you are to refrain from going mad :)


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