Friday, December 4, 2009

Hanover, Allied Farmers deal more of the same

So the Hanover Finance "rescue" package proposed by Allied Farmers has been given the big tick in an "independent report" by Grant Samuels . Well GS does reports on a number of companies and favour in its reports usually falls on the side of the party paying the cheque, so we can largely discount the GS report.

This is what it basically said though:

The Allied Farmers proposal is superior to the status quo and a high risk of receivership for Hanover Finance investors, according to Grant Samuel. NZ Herald

I happen to have an alternative view.

As I said back in November 2009 when Hanover proposed their moratorium, the best thing to do would have been to vote to wind the company up and get what you could get.

Hanover investors instead voted to give Eric Watson and his fellow fraudsters another chance and of course we now know that has blown up in investors faces just one year latter.

Investors in Hanover and United Finance, who Allied are also interested in buying, have the choice again to this time give directors at Allied a chance to get some money back on assets that are not likely to improve in value any time soon, in a property market that is uncertain at best or to simply bury their pride and vote to wind up the companies and get the best they can get at today's market rate.

I bet you Mark Hotchin's $35 million house in Paratei Drive that taking the money now rather than crossing your fingers for a recovery under future management will be the best bet.

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