Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rob Fyfe's "Environmental Extremism"

A reader of mine brought this subject up, of sorts, yesterday. That is, the folly of investing in companies that base their business on airy fairy ideas like "green technology" based on the man made global warming myth or in companies whose grip on their business is so tenuous they will sink to the depths of using this kind of bullshit on competitors in the hope they make them look bad.

In my not so humble opinion Air New Zealand [AIR.NZ] is one of those companies.

Rob Fyfe, Air New Zealand CEO has recently labeled Emirates Airline alleged running of "empty planes" across the Tasman as "Environmental Extremism"

"For this competitor, the Tasman sectors are an easy add-on to their long haul flying and an opportunity to earn revenue at only marginal cost and load factors down around 50 per cent seem to be of no consequence," Read more

Fyfe told a gab fest of Global Warming zealots at the Green Skies meeting in Hong Kong.

Now using junk science to attack a competitor is one thing but Rob and the boys and girls down at Air NZ head office have been busy over a number of years spending 10s of millions of shareholder dollars developing nonsense bio-aviation fuels and asking customers to pay extra for their "carbon credit" deficit because of the naughty way they pollute when they choose to fly with the largely Kiwi taxpayer owned airline.

So it is in Robs best interest to attack competitors who don't appear to "care" as much about how filthy flying is because he is spending shareholder money in the hope this will give our airline an edge over the competition and to justify the spending of shareholder dollars - I think the Green Party call it Greenwash.

So Mr Fyfe's stance on the evil of flying is simply a race to the bottom where the eventual winner will be the first to award themselves a gong for being green in the hope it is good for business.

Ultimately though the reckless use of Air New Zealand shareholder money to pursue the bogus notion that every time one flies it is an affront to the environment and by setting your company up as a bastion of virtue above competitors by using this to attack them is environmental extremism itself and will ultimately end in tears and lost shareholder dollars when the whole Global Warming myth unravels.

Stand by for the fallout.

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  1. A note to Air NZ in case they read this:


    Anyone who says that they would pay more for a ticket, is uneducated or naive or a liar or all three.

    One final note: If you want to make more revenue, offer me more services on-board the plane while I am sitting there bored and my credit card is burning a hole in my pocket. Clearly it has to be more enticing than the duty free goods. Sell me something, most often I am bored.

  2. Rod Oram buys carbon credits for his flying time SB.

    Air NZ isn't my airline of choice when I fly - too many bad experiences.

    I use Emirates whenever I can and I have found them to be an excellent Airline in most respects.

  3. You sound like someone who didn't get a complimentary upgrade when you were last with Air NZ and are now carrying a chip on your shoulder!

    You've clearly stated Air NZ are not your airline of choice meaning you are heavily bias and should not be giving any sort of advice related to this company. In my experience, they are well well ahead of the pack (certainly Emirates which completely lost the plot in recent years if you've traveled them!) so I think either you haven't traveled long haul recently, work for a competing airline or suffer from tall poppy syndrome and find anything against NZ owned companies.

    It was only thanks to Google Alerts that I stumbled across this website and I won't be back! You're entitled to your opinion of course, but please don't mislead people when you're also trying to give them advice.

  4. It is my experience with AIR NZ that they offer poor service.

    They also take taxpayer funds while rorting customers on internal routes - or should that be internal rorts.

    If there was something good to say about the airline, financial or otherwise, I would say it. There isn't.

    What have I said that is "misleading"? Nothing.

    I love debate but if you want to go somewhere else a give your opinion, then of course you are entitled to do so.

    I think you will be back though.


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