Monday, May 5, 2008

Tauranga Electoral Finance Act protest goes off

Newstalk ZB, 4 May 2008: More than 800 people protested against the Electoral Finance Act in downtown Tauranga this morning.

Organiser John Boscawen says the government legislation limits New Zealanders' ability to participate in the electoral process. He says six months after the Act was made law, people are still wanting it gone.

Mr Boscawen says it is the right of all New Zealanders to hold their electoral representatives to account, and this law restricts people's ability to do so. He says the Electoral Finance Act will be a major issue for people voting this election.

Political Animal: The Tauranga protest comes in the wake of Labour being the first to break their own law and with news out last week that the $800,000 plus that was stolen from taxpayers to buy the 2005 election was paid back with anonymous donations from wealthy backers. The very thing Labour pollies pointed the fingers at the National Party for doing.

Political Animal Electoral Finance Act coverage

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