Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Phil Goff interview on ALT TV

From the individual who tried to have the age of consent for "two consenting teenagers" lowered to 12 now comes the Gaff of all Gaffs, submitting to the pip squeak lefty interviewer Oliver Driver that Labour may lose the 2008 Election.

Whether they think they will lose the election or not, the unwritten rule is not to say you might lose!!

Has Phil Goff gone off his medication or is there an element of truth to his slip-up?

Heavens has this man not learn' t anything in 25 years of sponging off the taxpayer ensconced in his comfy leather chair in Wellington?

Even though I dislike Aunty Helen more than the sane world dislikes Al Gore, she is the best person for Labour and the 2005 election, even though its looking like a big loser

Even though Helen and Phil are bestest mates from Auckland University days, he would have been hauled into the 10th floor office for a dressing down over this.

The video is comedy gold by the way.

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