Saturday, February 12, 2022

War: What is it good for - Investing

With a possible war on the Horizon between Russia and the Ukraine one has to wonder should I get in now while the market is down?   

Sleepy Joe Biden will have a call with Putin Sat morn (UK time). So any action on the NZ market may hinge on how the call goes.

Either way it causes uncertainty and confusion and that's what markets hate.

The DOW, Nasdaq et all had a horrible last couple of hours.

If there is a skirmish and it goes on for some time that is "good" - on the whole - for the investor because usually the uncertainty in the market would tend to put pressure on some to sell and you should pick closely what you want.

I've had my eye on Ryman Healthcare. It finished trading at $ NZ 9.78c on Friday (NZ time) On pretty good VOL indicating people think its a good buy at these levels.

I think RYM will come under further pressure (along with many stocks listed on the NZX) so I will watch closely for a chink in the amour of RYM. It could be that investors see the stock as good value at $9.78c and keep on buying.

But if not I will be there watching waiting to pounce.

One other stock that I have also been buying is Napier Port. It traded at $3.03c and will fill my boots again if/when it slips below 3 bucks.

Happy trading/investing for me!!


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  1. So far it has been good for me. I’ve bought Scales, MOVE Group and Napier Port. Hold on Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ most of the world is behind you even though your govts are not.


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