Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Never Mind the width feel the Quality

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There's no doubt about it the market always tells us where we are headed. At the moment that direction is up and it will continue to go up as long as 2 things remain the same. One is Central Bank interference in the interest rates as we plumb the depths of rates or what will be known the great Central Bank boom followed by ? 

The second is what the earnings of each company are.

As a whole these earnings remain high and do so to in New Zealand with the first company which is Sky City due to kick it all off in the second week of August.

With SKC paying slightly better than 5% pa its a must that these earnings stay above the proceeding year, least companies disappoint and are caned at the final arbiter - the market.

Its looking good - up up up - for the electricity retailers like CEN MEL MCY et al and for every stock on the Share Investor Portfolio.

I cant see a black cloud on the horizon anywhere - besides out the window - and i see the following 3-4 month's of results to be up on last year - save AIR and a few others.

Very few will disappoint.

You just have to wait for the ?

c Share Investor 2019

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  1. Still waiting for the downhill when I can spend money on cheap shares....

    SKC is cheap at the moment and will be good for a trade in a few years time if I read the charts correctly.


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