Thursday, January 18, 2018

Share Price Alert: Port of Tauranga Ltd 4

Port of Tauranga Ltd [POT.NZX] was at an all-time high of $5.10 yesterday.

When we last visited this stock back in April 4 2017 it was trading at $4.15 and I said to buy it.

Now I'm saying sell it. Maybe if you bought already for the long term, you have that locked in, good for you. If your a short term trader your run could be perhaps coming to an end. Its at a PE of over 40 and its returning just over 3%.

You would have made just over 25% in 9 months if you include Divs.

Not withstanding its long-term growth over the coming ten years - it is going to become NZ's number one port within those 10 years, I think we are going to head for a wee bit of a lull in trading over the next few years.

It could go to perhaps $5.50 - 5.60 but I would lock in those benefits after the coming half year, when I think the company will do reasonably well.

Good luck.

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