Monday, February 2, 2015

Kathmandu: How much in a week from now?


No, not the price of the sugar in a cup of Auckland latté but the price of something similar.

Kathmandu stock after a day of trading on news that its shares are down again, that came out today it failed to make the grade over Christmas.

Well below the IPO price of $2.15, the share price is likely to head south tomorrow before it does its typical dead cat bounce sometime in the next few days.

Its not the first or second time in its history, although it has been 3x in as many months lately, that the stock has been punished due to missing sales targets.

It has missed them before in the past - got down these levels vis a vie price - but this time it feels a little diff.

Something tricky going on with the reporting. I mean how can the reporting vary from Dec 22 2014 to Jan 31 2015. You have to question that?

What were the staff doing, giving up?

Thought they had a touch of a pumpkin or worse still a postman?

You just hope that they can get over this rather large hiccup and move on but something just nags at me.

Could this be the beginning of the end?

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  1. Not touching any clothing retailers at the moment.

  2. Hi Luke, yeah, hard to gauge in this uncertainty right now. Having said that I'm building up a holding of HLG. I bought 13000 and I'm on the lookout for more. They have been where they were before, many times and traded there way out of it over 100 years. I'm confident they are at that stage again and will be confident in the end. Management seem to get it, there no excuse for poor performance, if they are to blame they say so. Not like KMD that blames the time of year for poor sales! Or the WHS.


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