Thursday, July 7, 2011

Share Investor Portfolio 2: Value @ 7 July 2011

The Share Investor 2 Portfolio is a separate portfolio apart from the original Share Investor Portfolio and contains just one share, Contact Energy Ltd [CEN.NZX]. It will only have this one share in it and has a far shorter time frame than the original long-term portfolio that I started 8 years ago.

The portfolio was started today with 9000 shares purchased at $5.34 at a total cost of
$48,060.00 and $144.18 in brokerage.

After the first day trading the portfolio is down $180 or 0.37%.

Share Investor Portfolio 2 as at 17:30:00, Thursday 07 July, 2011 (NZT)

Cost price
Total cost
Market price
Market value

9,000 $5.340 $48,060.00 $5.320 $47,880.00 $180.00 0.37%


Total cost Market value Change

$48,060.00 $47,880.00 $-180.00

Share Investor Portfolio 2

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