Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Allan Hubbard Saga: Hubbard looks set to cop a plea

The NBR has reported this morning that there is yet another delay in the Serious Fraud Office case against Allan Hubbard and his failed business empire.

There have been serious charges investigated and evidence of fraud, forgery and bogus investments but Allan Hubbard's legal team have been delaying the final charges being brought via the SFO by last year requesting further time to gather evidence and last month submitting an MRI brain scan of Mr Hubbard.

Classic delaying tactics for an accused as old as Mr Hubbard all pointing to his legal team trying to prove that Mr Hubbard is not fit to stand trial and maybe instead willing to plea bargain their way out of the more serious charges and admitting to some of the lesser charges brought and thereby saving face on both sides.

A decision by the SFO is "weeks away" according to SFO head Adam Feely and in that time parties to the case look likely to hammer out the terms of a plea bargain to make everyone look good.

After the SFO has spent so much time and money on the case they are unlikely to want to let the accused walk away scott free, there is after all clear evidence of serious charges, so allowing Hubbard to cop a plea, would, in the SFO's eyes, make their pursuit of him seem justified to the public.

Age or sickness should not of course be a factor in serious charges of this nature being brought against the accused but all indications are leading to a cop out and get out of jail free card for the hubbardmeister.

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