Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Share Investor Q & A: Questions for Ecoya's Geoff Ross

I have been very critical of Ecoya Ltd [ECO.NZ] since their early May 2010 IPO because of the over inflated value that ECO management put on the company and the scant financial information revealed to the investing public leading up to the IPO. The full year 2010 profit result out a few weeks back does nothing to sooth my critical soul.

Many of you have also had critical things to say about the company (it is more interesting to read someone sticking the knife in)and I have seen little positive written about the company except from the company itself and organising brokers for the IPO.

I think it is time we heard from management directly to get some issues hopefully cleared up and maybe put me in my place.

The ECO PR company contacted me over a mistake that I made with some figures from the 2010 result and one thing led to another and I managed to jack up a Q & A with Executive Chairman, Geoff Ross.

With this in mind, I would like my readers to submit questions that they might have surrounding the company and its IPO.

I will give you a week to submit them and I will include them with mine in the Q & A.

Please submit them here where they will appear at the bottom of this post or email them directly to me here.

Read the ECO Q & A here.


Ecoya main shares are sitting at 89c on extremely low volumes, its low for the year.

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  1. Why are you lending shareholder money to directors to buy shares in Ecoya?

  2. When do you expect to make a net profit?


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