Saturday, January 30, 2016

Welcome to Sharetrader Members!

I note the site Share Trader site has been down for over 24 hrs. Come on over

 I seem to have some visitors from there reading this blog.

We have a history between us, I used to contribute as member to that aforementioned forum and was banned for having an opinion.

I have been banned for life so it seems, because I have been lurking here and there but eventually caught out.

Welcome to those of you that knew me on Sharetrader as Bongo and to those of you that don't thanks for reading this blog.

If however you would like to contribute to my Share Investor Forum, you are most welcome to sign up and let rip. I don't censor strong or contrary opinion to the website owner, nor am I bound by loyalty to advertisers or make you sign a disclosure that abdicates your right to the content you submit.

Sharetrader do!

I am independent and proud of it.

So welcome Sharetrader members, welcome to Share Investor.

You can get the forum at the following URLs:

c Share Investor 2010, 2016

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