Friday, May 21, 2010

Telecom NZ Share Price has "Jumped the Shark"

I wrote about Telecom NZ [TEL.NZ] share price back in March and at that stage, March 17, the share price had reached $2.15 at close of trading after touching $2.13. At that time an all-time low for the company since it listed back in 1992.

Well, today, thanks to more global economic uncertainty because of free spending debt laden Greeks and other PIIIGS the TEL share price has dipped below the magical 2 buck mark for the first time and it is all on for young and old. It has now "jumped the shark".

Like most other NZX traded stocks the Telecom NZ share price has traded down (see TEL comparison with the overall NZX on chart above) on very large volume today but the company still has other negative factors going against it like more money to be spent on capital infrastructure, more competition and more problems delivering adequate service in all its areas of business; Telecom landlines, Mobile, Internet and infrastructure delivery.

Below 2 bucks is an important psychological level for the share price and it is anyones guess where that level will reach but I am picking it is all downhill from here, even if global markets"recover" from the slippery Greeks.

Beware the shark.


Telecom NZ is currently trading at $2 even on nearly $25 million traded.

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