Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Lolly Scramble of Life

A brilliant post from Bruce Sheppard from the Stirring the Pot Blog just has to be commented on and included on my blog today:

If you want to understand human nature before the OSH, PC police, education and society in general have done with corrupting it, examine kids and a lolly scramble. Perhaps the real reason the OSH police don't like lolly scrambles is not because kids get hurt, but because it reminds kids what human nature is really about. Maybe they are the thought police from Orwell. And guess what? Real life resembles a lolly scramble. John, go to a kids lolly scramble and then look at the world as it is and you might find the flaw in your dream of a world of equals.

And parents, ignore the PC crap. Make sure every kid experiences a free for all lolly scramble at every opportunity. Tell the OSH people to go swim in an unfenced pool.

So imagine this: You are in a field with a whole lot of kids, keen and full of anticipation. On the four sides of the field there are the angels of opportunity the lolly throwers. And on the four corners of the field there are the watchers of activity, the policemen, the government, the regulators, call them what you will. Full article here.

Bruce's analogy of life being a lolly scramble is the perfect expression of how life actually is rather than how some would like it. It is hard, competitive "unfair" but it is life and it is the best way forward.

Any other constructed way of life - especially the current one pushed by the lefty interferers - is an inferior facsimile of life and eventually doomed to failure, with the consequent victims scattered like the dead ghosts of Stalin's wet dreams.

True Capitalism, the best way forward in business and something that I shout from the rooftops often is also the antidote to the lefts stealing from those that are hard working and resourceful.

Imagine the wealth we would all have if in the lolly scramble we didn't have half of the participants as government bureaucrats stealing 50% of all the lollies for themselves!

It aint sweet for some but a pure unadulterated calorie laded lolly scramble is what we need again to move us forward and take the bitterness of State sanctioned interference away.

That and a good rough game of bullrush.

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