Friday, February 19, 2010

McDonalds: Im Lovin' It!

McDonalds has always been a target for the whakos and lefties in New Zealand for being one of those "evil, greedy" American companies that want to take over our culture, exploit workers. make us all fat buggers and give nothing back to the country but this piece in the New Zealand Herald out today proves that this is wrong on all counts:

McDonald's spent more than $145 million buying goods from local suppliers in 2009 - up $25 million on the year before, mostly due to increased sales.

He said McDonald's had been seeing strong growth in New Zealand in the two years prior to the financial crises, and the company used that time to improve its brand.

Much of the growth came from McDonald's new restaurants - 10 of which were opened last year as part of the company's three-year capital investment programme that will see $300 million invested, Hawthorne said.

He said the company was on track to open 10 new restaurants this year, the first being in Richmond, Nelson, next week.

He said McDonald's had spent the three years prior to the recession struggling to find enough workers, but those employment issues had faded with the downturn.

The company is expanding in a time of high unemployment, it currently directly employs more than 5000 people and indirectly through its suppliers many thousands more and has a distinctive New Zealand culture in its Kiwi businesses.

For franchise owners it also provides a long term opportunity to make some serious money from a good honest community minded business and for workers to have the ability to move from flipping burgers to owning an outlet.

The fast food industry fosters young people and can motivate the right people to better themselves, within and outside the sector.

I don't eat there myself, too expensive and unappealing to me, but the fact that they have 150 outlets and serve over 1 million meals every week means a large numer of New Zealanders love the place.

I love it too for all the positive reasons outlined above.

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