Monday, September 14, 2009

Share Investor Short: Warehouse Group yield worth a look

I don't usually do this here but I want to take a look at a good short term play.

Yeah OK, my attention span is a little limited lately due to the arrival of the stork.

Dividend stripping * is something worth doing though. That is, getting in early when a good dividend is announced and riding the share price upwards before the dividend is paid or holding on to collect the dividend then ditching the stock, depending on how you think the market will treat the company post dividend.

I may or may not have done this over the years and if I did it certainly wasn't my intention to do so, yeah OK.

The Warehouse Group [WHS.NZ] just announced their 2009 Full Year profit last Friday and along with it came a surprise to the market, a special dividend of 10c per share. This comes on top of the usual 5.5c a share paid.

The Warehouse have had a history of special dividends over the years but haven't been able to pay one for many years because of cash flow problems due to their ill-fated expansion in Australia.

With cash flows up considerably this year the dividends are now rolling in again.

If you add the 33% imputation credits and are able to use them to offset taxes then you are in for a payout of :

15.5c dividends + 5.11c tax credits = 20.61c , which equates to around a 4.85% gross return at a closing share price on Friday 11 Sept of NZ$4.25 - the net return is obviously higher if you are able to fully use the tax credits.

An excellent short term payout for doing next to nothing and it is better than a term deposit because it does not take a full year to payback.

There is also the probability that those after the dividend will push up the stock price to enable you to get out with a good capital gain before the dividend is paid, if you wish to do so.

Of course, and I have to get this in before I wrap it up. If you are a long-term shareholder in the company your return for the year would have been a 31c per share net dividend and the possibility of more than 10c in tax credits - a plus 10% net return for the year based on my share purchase price.

Long term wins again but who says you cant have the best of both worlds!

* Of course as one reader pointed out below, the process of dividend stripping, if the intention is to do that, the capital gain that you make is taxable.

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  1. You do realise that that 'capital' gain should be treated as taxable if you buy with the intention of resale.

    Well at least you didn't document your intentions to do so anywhere - the IRD will never catch you.

  2. I suppose I should have mentioned that explicitly CJ but I did touch on it here:

    I may or may not have done this over the years and if I did it certainly wasn't my intention to do so...


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