Monday, March 23, 2009

Freedom of choice at centre of new Holiday Law

The opposition to a move by National to allow a week of employees holidays to be "sold" to employers is perplexing to say the least. 

It will mean that those employees will now have a choice to sell and or work that week and get in effect double the pay.

Unions and the Labour Party are bleating that this will effect "workers rights" but it is clear that the former setup rather than the new one impinges on those workers rights.

The new law will allow workers more freedom of choice, something the left hates.

It cannot be left to those Unionists within and outside the Labour Party (very hard to tell which is which now that Andrew Little is inside Labour) to tell vulnerable workers what to do, and how long they should take for a holiday. It is nobody else's business but the employees and employers.

Unions and their bully boy tactics are best assigned to the past, where they well and truly belong.

The only problem with the National's plan is that it will only come in April 1 2010 and it will only be for 1 week of the 4 week entitlement.

The whole 4 weeks should be up for negotiation.

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