Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its only a Billion after all

News earlier this week that Labour kept secret the billion dollar hole that ACC has dug for itself should be no shock to the voting population.

The outgoing Labour government left behind a $1 billion hole in the ACC budget which will have to be filled, Prime Minister John Key said today.

Briefings from ACC officials said the corporation was seeking $297 million more for the current 2007/2008 year and similar figures for coming years  NZ Herald

They lied, cheated and manipulated their way through this election year hoping nobody would see through it so why would a measly 1 billion bucks down the toilet be any different?

A billion dollar hole wrought by a wasteful government department who hounds business without care or due diligence and has an attitude to taxpayer money that allows them to spend it on beauty care for employees pets is a department way out of control. The billion dollar hole proves that.

For Labour to try to avert attention away from their failure by saying National are crying wolf merely to put ACC up for sale is more of the same failed policy,misdirection and conspiracy theory finger pointing that left them losing big time on November the 8.

This sort of banal nonsense may have some traction when you are in Government but when you are in opposition it just looks like the ramblings of a bitter disorganised bunch of lefties ready for the knackers yard.

Just to show the party has learnt nothing from their election day loss David Parker, spokes weasel for ACC said this today:

"we left this incoming Government with a fantastic set of books... the billion dollars is only 5% of ACCs operating budget..."  Radiolive 6-9.00am

What planet is Parker living on and does he know he is opposition now?

Arrogant and ignorant to the end.

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