Monday, September 5, 2011

Allan Hubbard Saga: Time for supporters to let go

Time heals most wounds but if one doesn't let go of what has done the wounding then bitterness, sadness, irrationality and hate will be the order of the day. The biggest impact is on the individual who holds on not on the object of scorn.

In relation to the death of failed financier Allan Hubbard, supporters must now face the reality that his death means the end of the road for a raft of fraud charges brought against him by the Serious Fraud Office and must take that as the most positive conclusion that they could have wished for given the seriousness of the charges brought against him.

Continuing to fight on to "clear his good name" is a non starter. It will cost the litigants emotionally as well as financially to an impossible positive resolution for them given the gravity and sheer weight of the evidence stacked up against Mr Hubbard and of course the fact that he is no longer with us to defend the charges.

There have already been attacks from the more irrational of the Hubbard supporters, like self-appointed spokesman Paul Carruthers, with threats of feeble class action lawsuits against Simon Power and John Key but what does that really achieve?

What it does do is devalue Mr Hubbard's legacy even further than he has himself through the failure of his business empire and being a man of a deeply religious nature he would want those that say they back him to just let it go and get on with their lives.

I am with Fran O'Sullivan, lets release Mrs Hubbard's personal finances from statutory management so she can live life and have enough money for her man's funeral. John Key has already indicated that this will happen so supporters should be thankful for that.

Time to move on.

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