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Allan Hubbard Saga: The Ferals: A New Beginning

I wanted to give those that buried their loved one a little more time before I ripped into the scumbags who have leveraged off Allan's death to make their own claim to fame and get themselves some additional exposure. Not happy just to get media exposure while the man is alive they have waited to release the following trash to further their own ends.

An individual called Kerry Grass has prepared a farcical report on the collapse of Aorangi Securities Ltd and Allan Hubbard's part in that collapse. There is nary a mention of the false accounting, misleading information to investors and other huge financial inconsistencies that have been reported by the 7th Grant Thornton Report, so it can easily be dismissed as a waste of time and if you could put a PDF file in the trash that is the best place for it.

What is really galling is that the unofficial Hubbard Supporters Group - the nutbag ones who self appointed and previously used traveling salesman Paul Carruthers as its spokeperson - has used the publicity surrounding Allan's death to launch a facial petition to have the Government dissolved:

Please take part in this important initiative to petition directly the Governor General of New Zealand, calling for him to immediately begin an independent, transparent investigation into the Alan Hubbard affair. And to dissolve parliament and place New Zealand under a care taker government until such time, that the investigation has been satisfactorily implemented.

Below you will find the wording of a letter, suitable for the purpose, copy and paste folks. You may of course change the wording as you see fit. Please use this link to email it directly to the office of the Governor General and please, back up your submission by sending a printed hard copy to...

Government House
Private Bag 39995
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045
New Zealand.


To: His Excellency the Governor General of New Zealand.
Lt Gen Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae

Dear Excellency,

As a citizen of New Zealand, I petition his Excellency the Governor General to begin an immediate independent, transparent investigation into the Alan Hubbard affair. I ask that all documents relating to this sordid episode in our history, leading to the death of Alan Hubbard, be seized, including interdepartmental and ministerial emails, transcripts, recordings and all documents that might be held by the office of the Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce. I ask that such seizure be carried out by the New Zealand Police under the strict supervision of an independent investigator and suggest this person be Kerry Grass, who is known to the Prime Minister.

I further petition his Excellency to dissolve parliament immediately, putting in place a caretaker government and that the November election be postponed until investigations are satisfactorily implemented, relating to the activities of the Prime Minister, Minister of Commerce, the Securities Commission, the Registrar of Companies, the Companies Office, the various statutory managers involved and the Serious Fraud Office.

There is an unpleasant smell of harassment and corruption that goes to the very top of our political system, all the way to our Prime Minister and that sense of corruption, is certainly serious enough to warrant such investigation and call into question our citizens continued confidence in our government. With the death of Alan Hubbard, there seems little chance of ever proving his innocence, as things stand, but there are glaring questions relating to the activities of all the government offices and Ministers involved, including John Key.

I sight as evidence to give appropriate weight to our citizens call for an immediate investigation and dissolution of parliament, this report by Kerry Grass, an investigator of considerable and note worthy experience.

Report link

I thank his Excellency for his indulgence in these matters.

Yours sincerely,
Add your name here!

Now if you can pry yourself off the floor after the uncontrollable laughing you would have been doing while reading this, one would have to wonder the motivation of individuals like this who want to gain maximum publicity by releasing this at the same time Mr Hubbard died in an horrific car crash.

They should have waited a few weeks before getting out the crayons and scratching together a press release because the words bad taste to describe what they have done is an understatement to say the least.

Tacky, self serving, selfish, nasty and completely devoid of intelligence.

As I said a few weeks ago it is best they park it and let the experts decide what happens now.

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  1. Oh Darren...just because you stomp up and down and throw a hissy fit, does not mean what you say is true does it. Honestly, trial by blog, you should be bloody ashamed of yourself.

  2. Anon, little in the Grass report has merit and as I said the Thornton report revealed the dirty goings on at Aorangi. Undisputed facts. They need to be reiterated when others try to subvert and pull the wool over the eyes of those who might get sucked up in the lies and subterfuge of the feral Allan Hubbard supporters who would do or say anything to back their man. At least have the guts to make your comments with your name attached.


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