Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Isn't "Alessio Rastani" Right?

Alessio Rastani, if that is his real name - because he has been found out to be an imposter, told BBC news presenter Martine Croxall on Monday, that the Eurozone bailout/s would fail, stockmarkets were "finished", things are really dire economically, traders don't care about "economic recovery" (whatever the hell that means these days) because they will make money anyway, Goldman Sachs is running the show not politicians, and the worst thing one can do is nothing in the face of impending financial collapse, is probably closer to the truth than any other "legitimate" economic commentator.

I am a betting man and would put odds on politicians of not having success in turning economic disaster around. They have thus far failed over the last 3 years of economic uncertainty, so what makes Europe different now or any other harebrained bailout/giveaway scheme that rolls along in the future that gives us another few years of grace before we have to face the economic realities staring back at us in the mirror?

I don't care if Mr Rastani works out of a 200,000 pound semi in Bexleyheath and not in the city because I think he just might be right.

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