Transport minister Steven Joyce and Auckland Mayor Len Brown this afternoon signed an agreement to buy 57 electric multiple units (EMUs), each with three carriages.

"This agreement will mean greater rail accessibility for Aucklanders in all parts of the city, and secures trains that are modern, better for the environment, fast and quiet."

Mr Brown said the trains were a prerequisite for the inner city rail loop he has championed since taking office last year.

"To be the world's most liveable city, we need a world class transport system. This brings us one big step closer." NZ Herald, Sept 1 2011

One just has to wonder what Len Brown is on about when he thinks that spending this much money on a large trainset to carry a tiny number of people around the city in luxury is a good idea when the city is already in hock to the eyeballs and residents rates were substantially hiked this year.

"Environmentally friendly"? Moving the pollution form the city to the areas where the electricity is generated might be good for Auckland but it is our country cousins that will suffer the smog instead. Half empty trains run on inefficient electricity transported over hundreds of kms.

Hardly clean or fiscally prudent Len.

Think Bigger

Darren Rickard 2011