Friday, August 27, 2010

Hidden Gems: Teamtalk Ltd

I own a 17 shares in the Share Investor Portfolio and they are mostly larger companies which are well known to investors and to the public in general.

While doing a Long Term View series post yesterday I had come down to doing some of the smaller companies listed on the NZX . Largely most of these are penny dreadful losers or companies that have very patchy results and pasts but when I came down to calculating the long-term returns for Teamtalk Ltd [TTK.NZX] I found to my surprise that this tiny little Telecom sector company with less than a $50 million market capitalisation is one of the better investments listed on the NZX.

With an annual net return of 17.61% (including dividends and tax credits)for the last 6 or so years since listing and a nearly 7% annual gross return, Teamtalk outperforms most other listed NZX companies by a large margin.

The company
began in 1994 as Managing Director David Ware, annoyed by the poor service and lack of professionalism from telecommunications companies, set out to start his own.

They struggled through the deregulation of the Telecoms sector in the 1990s and the bankruptcy of their owner in 1999 and ended up buying the company themselves and listed it in 2004.

The company has performed well since then and by management's reckoning see a positive future for thew company ahead.

The company is not for me because I don't fully understand what they do but it might be well worth looking at if you are well versed in this sector.

You could well do alot worse.

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