Monday, August 30, 2010

NZ Superfund: Performance & Investment Detail

Source: TV One Q & A, August 29, 2010.

A really interesting interview with Paul Holmes interviewing Adrian Orr, head of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZSF) and what he thinks about the NZ and global economy and where it might be headed.

He briefly outlines the investment profile and goals of the NZSF and gives his view on what makes a good investment for the long-term.

I don't agree on the Government or rather taxpayer funding our retirements but be that as it may returns have been pitiful since the funds inception in 2003. An annual return of 5.39% before tax is what kiwis have to look forward to.

Yes, it is a long term 20 year investment horizon but after 7 years we have lost money on this escapade - we have invested on borrowed money.

Investments in the NZSF are spread across the world, including New Zealand, from equities to bonds to foreign exchange.

Find out more about the NZSF

Full list of Equities
Returns to June 30 2010

NZSF Statement of Intent
NZSF 2009 Annual Report

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