Friday, March 6, 2009

Hidden Agendas

There were plenty of accusations of "secret agendas" from the Labour Party centred at the National Party before they were devastated at the 2008 general election (Political Animal was one of few who picked a landslide well before the election) but after more than 3 months of National at the helm the only secret agendas now being revealed are those that Labour kept from its supporters and New Zealand voters.

Billions of dollars of bribes were promised by Labour to buy the 2008 election but the thing is very few of them were actually funded.

There were shortfalls in their student loan re-gig, the insulation of homes, health, police, roading and the grandaddy of them all the 2 billion plus hole in the ACC accounts.

While at the same time promising to extend and upgrade ACC cover and keep premiums low Labour were aware of these shortfalls but kept promising anyway-it was one of their main election planks.

Not only that, Michael Cullen and ACC Minister Maryan Street were obliged to let New Zealanders and the incoming Government know about the shortfall under financial disclosure law-law was something they had little disregard for in their 9 year reign of terror so that is no surprise.

So Labour lied to the people, covered up vital financial information they were obliged to report and went into the election under false pretences.

They should be at least ashamed and apologetic but instead they continue their arrogant, petty, two faced high handed ways that lost them the election.

Hon PHIL HEATLEY: ...Interestingly, the same Minister who fiddled the books in State housing fiddled the books at the Accident Compensation Corporation.

Hon Maryan Street: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I consider that reference to be unparliamentary. I take offence to it and I ask that you ask that member to withdraw and apologise. Parliamentary debate March 5 2008

She did fiddle the books but all she cares about is a non-existent reputation.

The whole saga reminds one of that old chestnut that goes something like this, those that point their fingers in accusation are often the ones who have something to hide.

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  1. There were shortfalls in their student loan?

  2. There wasn't and there isn't enough money to fund the free money to students. Simple as that.


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