Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Day 2009: Time to turn it on!

Just like last year, this year's "Earth Day" will prove to be the biggest waste of time since Al Gore's parents decided to have sex.

Demented unwashed dipsticks all around the world will be turning off electrical appliances for an hour.

Imagine streets and homes without lights, what a wonderful opportunity for the less law abiding citizens.

No lights, no heat, no air-con, no commerce, no business...

All for "climate change", a non-existent problem.

As I did last year this is what I propose we do this coming Mirth Day March 28:

My proposal is this. At 8.00pm sharp, when the dolphin loving, Volvo driving, mung bean eating, bearded female, non smoking, non drinking, Leo Dio loving, vegetarian, hairy arm pitted, sandal wearing , finger pointing, lesbian school teachers are sitting in the dark with all their lights out for an hour, playing with the insert appropriate expletive here next to them, I will turn on every light, appliance and electrical device that I can lay my meat eating, chain smoking, 6 litre V8 Holden driving hands on... for two hours.

My first earth day last year was a success and I will update you afterwards to let you know how much power we used.

We managed to use so much energy and waste so many of the earths resources we did enough to cancel out the efforts of a dozen brain-dead morons who switched off(their lights as well).

This year we are hoping to double our efforts.

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